October Setup

I started setting up my October spreads well in advance. I changed things up a bit from September, then soon wished I had waited until I was sure that I was happy with what I was using then. Luckily, I had used a Frixion (erasable) pen to draw my spreads so I could re-purpose those pages.

I thought I would still use this grid calendar and changed my mind. IMG_20150930_213000274_HDR

Then I thought I could use this layout I found on DIY PlannerIMG_20150930_213009720_HDR

Here is what I’m actually working with…

  • I decided to use a modified version of the traditional Bullet Journal monthly log. I divided mine into 4 main columns (to which I added a 5th): Work, Personal, Bills Due, Miracle Morning, and 17 Day Diet (Cycle #). I’m not the first to try this idea.
  • Instead of the monthly goals/tasks list, I created a cleaning chart so I can mark off what days I have accomplished which task. This worked pretty well for me once before, so I’m giving it another shot.
  • I have a list of shows I’m currently in the middle of on the sticky note with tab, and a laundry priority reminder on the other sticky note.


  • I decided to build one master list and add some signifiers so I can differentiate “normal” tasks from important or recurring ones. (The signifiers are a work-in-progress as I’m still determining what will be helpful and easy to draw/recognize.) I’m using a tip from Kim, of the Tiny Ray of Sunshine blog, to help with not migrating a whole page of tasks every day. Plus this lets me use my colored pens instead of having them just sit around.
  • I set up a menu planning page first thing, but I’m not sure I’ll actually get a lot of use from it. I’ll probably tweak how I figure out meal planning throughout the month until I land on just the right method. (Sadly, by the end of the first day of October and getting undone September tasks migrated, my list was already extending onto another page…)


I decided to go much much simpler in the end. I’m hoping that this works better for me. In a couple of weeks when I think I’ve got the kinks worked out I’ll do another “Plan With Me” post with updates.

Thanks for reading! 🙂


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