Plan With Me #2

I’ve changed up my layout for this month (about 4-5 times at this point…). Here is how I’m planning a new week now.

I decided that the weekly view is useful to me, so I start by drawing out my week layout. I’m leaving 5 spaces for appointments/day specific things and meal planning. (I’ve adjusted this a couple of ways the last two weeks, so this is one more trial.)


Next I add in dates and fill in the day boxes (referring to my month log and future log).


Once that’s done, I write in my list of books I’m currently (or will be soon) reading and start migrating tasks from last week to the bottom part of the left-hand page. The remaining space of the right-hand page I’ve decided to use for knitting projects, my movies-to-watch short list, a cleaning tracker for the week, and a self-care tracker. (Having everything everything in one list was just too much.)


I’ve been using a different color pen to fill in each day’s completed tasks, that I pick randomly on the day. I write down additional tasks in black, so now I only need to carry one pen. I’m hoping I can get this sort of weekly layout modified to work for me.


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