Update: What I’m Using

Now that I’ve fully migrated into my Arc notebook, I wanted to do an update post on what I’m using to plan. You can see what I moved from here.

I had given up on my Inkjoy pens last month in favor of my Acroball multi pen and have not regretted that decision in the least. I still have a pen crush on Sharpie Pens though, and I want to try Staedtler pens also. Mostly there is a paper quality issue that’s stopping me from switching to the felt tip pens–the Arc paper is great with them, but my cheap printer paper and grid paper are not. I plan to upgrade my paper quality though, so I’m sure I’ll trade pens again eventually.

I’m finally in my Arc notebook! I love how much more flexible it is than the bound book I was using before. Now I just have to get settled with how I want everything arranged. I’ve already changed things from the last time I talked about it (*facepalm*). I don’t think my change this time was from unrest, but from my actual use of the journal. It’s easy to think how you’d like to have things set up, but then when those plans are put in practice, things change. Overall, I do like using the Arc for my bullet journal, I just need to figure out my ideal arrangement of things.

Let me know in the comments what houses your planning system (ring binder, bound notebook, discbound, etc.) and what your favorite products are.

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Have a great day! 🙂


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