February 2016 Review

The end of another month means time for another monthly review. See January’s here.

bullet journal febreview

Here are the highlights for February:

  • I need to develop my own routines that I can stick to daily. While I didn’t strictly follow my “bedtime” this month, I did do better with being mindful of what time I went to sleep.
  • For some reason I was still feeling run-down this month, and I was in an absolute funk for the last week of the month. So self-care is a priority.
  • Let’s not talk about how little cleaning I got done… It’s a priority as well.
  • I tried the printable for my weekly layout, but decided I’m going back to the weekly log I tried at the end of December. I genuinely missed it this month, but wanted to give the printable a fair chance.

How did the month go for you? Let me know in the comments how you do your reviews.

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Favorite Pop Culture Podcasts

I’ve posted before about my favorite book-related podcasts, so thought I’d share my favorite pop culture podcasts.

Pop Culture Happy Hour – Mentioning this one again as it’s really what got me started on pop culture podcasts

Appointment Television (NSFW) – One of the hosts (Margaret) often guests on PCHH, so I had to check out her podcast once I heard she started one

Pop Culture Case Study – Dave relates psychological concepts to movies; I’m way behind as I’m watching the movies before listening to the episode

Skip to the End (NSFW) – This is a fun podcast with 3 British guys (with occasional guests) reviewing movies, playing pop culture trivia games, and generally having a good time

TV Crimes – I started listening to this one more recently, and there aren’t many episodes, but if you’re a fan of Wil Wheaton at all it’s worth checking out

This list may be updated in a few months once I’ve caught up on some podcast backlog. I know I have a few more pop culture podcasts I want to give a shot.

Let me know in the comments if you listen to any of these podcasts, or if there are others you think I should check out!

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Goals Check-In #4

Let’s see how things have gone since last time. I decided to focus on the things that make the biggest difference in how I feel on a daily basis: going to bed on time, drinking enough water, and meditating.

bullet journal tracker feb1602

I do ok with meditating most of the time as long as I don’t decided to lie in bed after my alarm goes off, or get caught up in looking at stuff on my phone. I could still improve.

Since I’m only tracking when I go to bed by 10pm here, the progress I did make doesn’t show here. I have a separate page where I’ve been taking notes related to my sleep: what time I went to bed, if I had a headache that day, if I had caffeine that day, and if I took a nap.

I’ve done a little better with drinking enough water, but again, I could still improve.

I’m thinking of adding a couple of mini habits to the three I’m keeping track of now, inspired by the book of the same name.

Are you making progress on your goals? Let me know in the comments!

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Discbound Bullet Journal: Archive

As I’ve mentioned before, I switched to an Arc discbound notebook for my bullet journal. I’ve switched up the arrangement a couple of times, but have stuck with this iteration. The only aspect I hadn’t addressed was archiving past months. There was no question I was going to be pulling them out as I don’t want to carry around a notebook with larger discs, but what to do with those pages was still up in the air until I’d used the notebook long enough to need archiving.

For the first month I simply clipped the pages together (there weren’t many) until I could figure out a solution.

bullet journal archive 1

The obvious one was to buy more discs (I did), but that didn’t solve the issue of being able to locate a note I wanted to reference as I wasn’t numbering pages. At least not until I ran across a trick that was posted in the Bullet Journal Junkies Facebook group. (I apologize, I tried to find the post so I could give credit, but failed.) Now I have started numbering my pages as “last two digits of the year two digit month number.two digit page number” (i.e., 1602.01 for the first page of February 2016). EDIT: This page numbering technique is from the brilliant Kim at Tiny Ray of Sunshine (I should have known!)!

And now my archive has notes indexed and I can find them again!

bullet journal archive index

I thought this little hack for using a discbound notebook worked out well and wanted to share in case it will help someone else.

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Morning Ritual Makeover

As anyone who has been following my goals updates can tell, I’ve been struggling. So I’ve been doing some research into different morning rituals that I can test-drive as alternatives to the Miracle Morning. If you’re interested in revamping (or implementing) your own morning ritual, check out these articles and videos I’m looking at…

Asian Efficiency: 10 Tips to Help You Get the Most Out of Your Mornings

Asian Efficiency (video on page): Back to Basics: The Morning Ritual

Project Life Mastery (video on page): My New Morning Ritual – How to Be Even More Productive, Happy and Healthy Everyday

Wanderlust: 30 Morning Rituals to Bring You Joy

A Life of Productivity: The Zen of Waking Up Early: 10 Ways to Solidify a Morning Wakeup Ritual

Shopify: How to Craft a Morning Ritual to Supercharge Productivity and Your Online Business

I’m going to be using the advice from those articles and videos (plus any other resources I find) to build a new morning ritual/routine for myself. I do have a couple of items I’m fairly consistent with, so I’m going to start there and decide what other small actions to focus on.

What does your morning ritual consist of? Where do you draw inspiration for your rituals? Let me know in the comments!

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Bullet Journal: Week of Feb. 8th, 2016

I haven’t really shown an “in use” view of my bullet journal lately, so I thought I’d share one now.

As I mentioned in my last Plan With Me post,  I’m using a free printable from Giftie Etcetera and Planner Fun for my weekly log. It’s working fine, but I’m not using the daily schedule to its fullest potential. Next month is going to be just dot grid pages. I’ve kept the dot grid for the facing pages to make notes/lists for individual days. I also have two lists on sticky notes stuck to my “today marker”: one that is mostly things migrated from January, and one that consists of things that are bugging me. Keeping them in my view more has helped me actually complete a few things, so hooray!


The weekly log itself is not too complicated. I filled in normal work hours (and my desired bedtime) in the schedule section on the left. The top lined box has days off and day-specific things to remember. The second lined box has things to do this week. The third box has the calendar for the month with the current week “highlighted”. The last box has meal/main dish ideas for the week.

In addition to tracking when I actually get to bed on time, I’ve also been keeping a page of notes. This way I can hold myself accountable for my habits and see how they affect daily life. Without observing one’s habits, it is more difficult to change them.


Related to bullet journaling, I picked up an extra set of Arc discs from Staples the other day so I can officially have an archive (that isn’t held together by a binder clip). I found a binder cover printable I liked and printed it on cardstock cut to half letter size to use as a cover. I still need to punch the and create an index for the archive journal. I also have a set of dot grid pages (created here) that need punched and added to my actual bullet journal.


That’s about all I have going on in my bullet journal this week. Let me know in the comments how you’re using your bullet journal or other planning system.

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Goals Check-In #3

It’s that time again… Did I improve during the end of January?IMG_20160207_120022331

…not really.

Beginning with February (on the right), I stopped trying to fit myself into the SLOWERS box in the evening. I decided to track more general self-care items that I had let slip: drinking water, going to bed early, and flossing/brushing my teeth before bed. Obviously I’ve got my work cut out for me.

Going to bed early is going to be a major focus for me because I know I don’t function well on too little sleep, and it affects everything else I do. I have to train myself to “switch off” and just go to bed when I feel tired.

That’s really all I have to report this time. I’m a work in progress (which I’ve never denied). It looks to me like I need to take some time to think on why I put off going to sleep when I know its effect on how I feel and function during the day.

Are you making progress on your goals? Let me know in the comments! Also feel free to share how you motivate yourself to sleep when you need to.

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