Discbound Bullet Journal: Archive

As I’ve mentioned before, I switched to an Arc discbound notebook for my bullet journal. I’ve switched up the arrangement a couple of times, but have stuck with this iteration. The only aspect I hadn’t addressed was archiving past months. There was no question I was going to be pulling them out as I don’t want to carry around a notebook with larger discs, but what to do with those pages was still up in the air until I’d used the notebook long enough to need archiving.

For the first month I simply clipped the pages together (there weren’t many) until I could figure out a solution.

bullet journal archive 1

The obvious one was to buy more discs (I did), but that didn’t solve the issue of being able to locate a note I wanted to reference as I wasn’t numbering pages. At least not until I ran across a trick that was posted in the Bullet Journal Junkies Facebook group. (I apologize, I tried to find the post so I could give credit, but failed.) Now I have started numbering my pages as “last two digits of the year two digit month number.two digit page number” (i.e., 1602.01 for the first page of February 2016). EDIT: This page numbering technique is from the brilliant Kim at Tiny Ray of Sunshine (I should have known!)!

And now my archive has notes indexed and I can find them again!

bullet journal archive index

I thought this little hack for using a discbound notebook worked out well and wanted to share in case it will help someone else.

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