Plan With Me #4

I’m doing another “plan with me” post since I haven’t done one in a while.

Since I start my week on Mondays, Sunday is the day I get things ready for the next week. First I put my weekly log header on the left-hand side of the next spread along with a mini calendar with the week highlighted. (Inspired by this photo from Kim, of Tiny Ray of Sunshine.) I’ve been using this style of weekly layout for a few weeks now. It works pretty well for me–at least until I go onto the next spread with dailies, then the flipping back and forth starts. In the photo below, I’ve already written in one “must do” item, and some day-specific notes.

bullet journal weekly log

After that is done, I flip back to last week’s log and daily sections to look for anything that didn’t get completed. I decide if these items should be migrated and move them to the new weekly log.

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve added a small tracker to the bottom left to note when I went to bed and how much water I’ve had to drink each day. The space in the bottom right normally gets used as a menu (dinner) list for the week–more for tracking than planning ahead.

The photo below also shows the pens I used to set this page up–Sharpie Pen in black and my Lamy Safari I mentioned in my last post. Today it’s loaded with Diamine Amaranth, which didn’t look this deep before today. Crazy inks.

bullet journal weekly log2

This past week saw the addition of a progress tracker for something I started. The progress tracker idea came from Blue Paper Trail. I’m going to leave you hanging on what it’s being used for. 😉

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