June 2016 Review

The year is half gone! How did that happen? In the spirit of bringing new content my blog again, here is my review for June.

I skipped doing these in my bullet journal for a couple of months and that probably wasn’t for the best. My last monthly review is here. I use Laura from How to Get Your Shit Together’s method, which can be found here.

Here are the highlights:

  • I kept up with exercising pretty well, but not so much with staying hydrated and getting enough sleep.
  • I slimmed down my bullet journal to the black discs again. I also started using a new-to-me task/time management system.
  • Our budget worked, so no major changes for the time being.
  • I’m trying to get back to blogging regularly (yay!).
  • I ran two of my favorite gel pens dry in June thanks to note-taking for school and bullet journaling.

Priorities for July: take care of myself by getting more sleep, staying hydrated, continuing to exercise, and starting to meditate again; manage my homework load to prevent having to do it all last-minute; finish a book I’ve been reading and the blanket I started knitting too long ago.

I decided to head off my journal restlessness by really thinking it through, then making an active decision. I’m tired of printing and cutting dot grid paper for my Arc. I’m tired of punching said paper to go in my Arc. I don’t want the lined paper I purchased to go to waste. I will continue using my Arc as my bullet journal until the Martha Stewart paper (it was aqua, ok?!?) I bought is used up, then I will purchase a new bound journal with dot grid or grid paper. I thought I had picked one out, but had to reconsider after reading some bad reviews regarding the construction (it turns out it’s not designed for use as a bound journal). I think I’ve got another one picked out, but we’ll all have to wait until the time comes. (Spoiler: I will not be contributing to the Great Leuchtturm 1917 Shortage of 2016…)

How did June treat you? Are you making any changes in preparation for July?

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