To Watch, To Listen, To Read: To Ditch?

With my decision about my upcoming bullet journal move, I’ve been thinking about all my lists of media I want to consume. I have lists of movies, tv shows, anime, and podcasts in my bullet journal, not to mention the enormous list of books on Goodreads. I’m wondering if I should just declare “bankruptcy” on all these lists when I move journals. Sometimes I look at those lists and just feel overwhelmed. I’ve largely stopped adding to them just so I don’t get more overwhelmed with the lists growing.

Has anyone else experienced this feeling of too much to consume? How did you handle it? Have you declared “bankruptcy” and deleted all the lists? Let me know in the comments.

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Plan With Me #5: August

I’ve changed up my monthly setup quite a bit in the past couple of months. Keep reading to see how I’ve set up for the month of August. (Click on the images to view a larger version.)


The first change is that I’ve added a title page of sorts with some washi tape on the edge of the page. I’m still deciding if I want to decorate this page (in July I just added a couple of quotes).


The next spread has my monthly log and a self care tracker. Rather than the traditional monthly log, I’ve changed to adding only the dates that have an “event”–inspired by an Instagram post by Dee (@decadethirty). I also have a mini calendar with bill due dates listed below.

The self care “sun” is from another Instagram post by (@heartistic.jess). Instead of gratitude, I filled the rays in with things I did to take care of myself in July.


My next spread has a future log (Alastair-style) for school and a new cleaning tracker I’m going to try (inspired by this post from @bossgirlbujo). My classes last for 6 weeks at a time, so I set up the Alastair future log for that time frame to put in test/quiz dates, club meetings, and other school-related items.


Next up is a health/habit tracker idea from Rhomany of Rhomany’s Realm on YouTube. Her setup is explained here.


Finally I have the weekly spread setup I’ve been using that’s been a big help with school. This was an idea from another Instagram post (@stphbz).

Three other pages I’ll be referring to this month are: my habit formation tracker, cat care tracker, and tv shows to catch up on. The habit formation tracker was modeled after another post from @bossgirlbujo and the cat care tracker was modeled after her post I linked above.

Are you trying any new spreads in your bullet journal or planner in August? Let me know in the comments!

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