“Where Have I Been?” or “Life (School) Happens”

This may be a long post as I’ve got quite a bit of catching up to do. First, I want to say to anyone still checking out my blog: thank you!!! Second, I did not fall off the earth/suffer an illness/forget about blogging/stop bullet journaling/forget my WordPress password/etc. We all know life happens to the best of us, including me. To pick up where I left off last time

The biggest change is that I decided to go back to school instead of trying to find another office job where I would be unhappy. I didn’t anticipate that calling to make an appointment with the school the last week of March would end up with me starting classes the first week of April. While it may look like a snap decision from the outside, it is something I had been thinking about for over a year, and 12 weeks in I have not regretted the decision. I feel like I am where I need to be now, and heading in a direction I need to go. 🙂

So far I have chosen not to work while attending classes, but that will need to change within a few months as my unemployment benefits aren’t unlimited (unfortunately). I’ve already put some thought into where I want to apply, so it’s just a matter of feeling “ready” to add work to my life with school. I do already have a college degree, but the first time school was my job and I didn’t have a home, significant other, or cats to care for (or bills to pay) so this time is a different experience. I’ve made improvements to my time management since April, but I want to be sure I have a handle on it before I try adding anything else.

In addition to school, we had planned and budgeted to attend PAX East 2016 in April. (See my highlights here.) Since part of the trip had been booked already and the rest had money set aside, we went. One benefit of having started budgeting late last year is that we already had a buffer and a plan. The past couple of months Andrew has had more hours at work, so that’s helped to make up the difference between what I was paid while working and what my unemployment is. We’re not paying off debt with “gazelle intensity”, but our 4 walls are more than taken care of. (Just don’t tell Dave Ramsey I’m taking out student loans…)

I’m still doing couch to 5k! I haven’t actually completed the program yet, but I’m still working at it. I’ve reached the point where I don’t want to miss one of my 3 weekly sessions of jogging/walking, and I’ve even decided to add in a bit of additional fitness.

I’ve been trying to make sure not to forget self-care–or just taking a break in general. I like getting things accomplished as much as the next person, but especially with homework my brain can get fried.

My bullet journal… That may have to be its own post. Habit trackers always end up being a fail for me because, well, they just do. I try putting too many things on it and it becomes a source of guilt (the opposite of its intended purpose). Toward the end of the month, I always seem to have restlessness about moving from my Arc to another notebook. I tried two different notebooks I already had in April and ended up back in my Arc. I bought some Martha Stewart lined paper for it (aqua!) so I’ve now decided my bullet journal stays put at least until that is used up. I would prefer grid paper, but I have crappy (thin) copy paper at the moment and got tired of printing (and cutting and punching) my own and then every pen bleeding through. I’ve already started setting up July in the Arc, so I am delaying the decision of a new notebook until further notice.

I think that’s all for this time, readers. I don’t want to put a novel up here. How did Spring treat you? Are you ready for July yet?

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Plan With Me #4

I’m doing another “plan with me” post since I haven’t done one in a while.

Since I start my week on Mondays, Sunday is the day I get things ready for the next week. First I put my weekly log header on the left-hand side of the next spread along with a mini calendar with the week highlighted. (Inspired by this photo from Kim, of Tiny Ray of Sunshine.) I’ve been using this style of weekly layout for a few weeks now. It works pretty well for me–at least until I go onto the next spread with dailies, then the flipping back and forth starts. In the photo below, I’ve already written in one “must do” item, and some day-specific notes.

bullet journal weekly log

After that is done, I flip back to last week’s log and daily sections to look for anything that didn’t get completed. I decide if these items should be migrated and move them to the new weekly log.

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve added a small tracker to the bottom left to note when I went to bed and how much water I’ve had to drink each day. The space in the bottom right normally gets used as a menu (dinner) list for the week–more for tracking than planning ahead.

The photo below also shows the pens I used to set this page up–Sharpie Pen in black and my Lamy Safari I mentioned in my last post. Today it’s loaded with Diamine Amaranth, which didn’t look this deep before today. Crazy inks.

bullet journal weekly log2

This past week saw the addition of a progress tracker for something I started. The progress tracker idea came from Blue Paper Trail. I’m going to leave you hanging on what it’s being used for. 😉

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3 Month-iversary!

Welcome back! I’m here hardly able to believe that I’ve had a blog for 3 months already!

When I started, I wasn’t sure how this would work out for me. I’m not the most talkative in person, and I keep quite a lot to myself, but it turns out that I do have content to share with other people. I even have people interested in reading my content!

So far I’ve been doing all right keeping up with two posts per week, although these posts have been pretty planner-focused. This was not my intention with the blog, it just happened that those posts seemed to get more traffic. Going forward there will be more of the variety in content that I had originally planned.

  • I want to write at least one post per month about knitting–after all, it’s in my blog name, lol.
  • Andrew is trying to turn me into a gamer, so I may start posting my reluctant sporadic gaming experiences.
  • Now that it’s getting cold, I’m in the mood to work on fitness more (go figure). I had a steady gym habit through last winter, but a gym membership isn’t in our budget right now. I’d like to find that mojo again.
  • Speaking of budgets, Andrew and I are trying to spend money more wisely. We have furniture that needs paid off from when we moved into the house, I have a credit card balance I didn’t intend to accumulate, and Andrew has student loans. Not to mention our non-existent savings. Starting December 1st, we’re on a strict budget to get these fixed. I started watching the GazelleInTents YouTube channel, and used their tutorial for a zero-based budget in Excel (based on Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover). So I’m thinking about posting about our monthly progress and/or any struggles we have.
  • Hopefully I’ll be able to post some cat-focused content soon. We had a feline addition to our house in November, and she hasn’t been properly introduced!
  • I’d like to write up some more “favorites” posts, similar to the one I did for planner blogs and videos.

I won’t rule out other content that may come to mind, but at least I have a few goals now of different topics to write on to keep from getting bored myself, or from boring the readers (aka you!).

Let me know in the comments if there is anything particular you’d like to read that I haven’t covered or that you want me to expand on.

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Have a great day! 🙂