Plan With Me #5: August

I’ve changed up my monthly setup quite a bit in the past couple of months. Keep reading to see how I’ve set up for the month of August. (Click on the images to view a larger version.)


The first change is that I’ve added a title page of sorts with some washi tape on the edge of the page. I’m still deciding if I want to decorate this page (in July I just added a couple of quotes).


The next spread has my monthly log and a self care tracker. Rather than the traditional monthly log, I’ve changed to adding only the dates that have an “event”–inspired by an Instagram post by Dee (@decadethirty). I also have a mini calendar with bill due dates listed below.

The self care “sun” is from another Instagram post by (@heartistic.jess). Instead of gratitude, I filled the rays in with things I did to take care of myself in July.


My next spread has a future log (Alastair-style) for school and a new cleaning tracker I’m going to try (inspired by this post from @bossgirlbujo). My classes last for 6 weeks at a time, so I set up the Alastair future log for that time frame to put in test/quiz dates, club meetings, and other school-related items.


Next up is a health/habit tracker idea from Rhomany of Rhomany’s Realm on YouTube. Her setup is explained here.


Finally I have the weekly spread setup I’ve been using that’s been a big help with school. This was an idea from another Instagram post (@stphbz).

Three other pages I’ll be referring to this month are: my habit formation tracker, cat care tracker, and tv shows to catch up on. The habit formation tracker was modeled after another post from @bossgirlbujo and the cat care tracker was modeled after her post I linked above.

Are you trying any new spreads in your bullet journal or planner in August? Let me know in the comments!

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Plan With Me #4

I’m doing another “plan with me” post since I haven’t done one in a while.

Since I start my week on Mondays, Sunday is the day I get things ready for the next week. First I put my weekly log header on the left-hand side of the next spread along with a mini calendar with the week highlighted. (Inspired by this photo from Kim, of Tiny Ray of Sunshine.) I’ve been using this style of weekly layout for a few weeks now. It works pretty well for me–at least until I go onto the next spread with dailies, then the flipping back and forth starts. In the photo below, I’ve already written in one “must do” item, and some day-specific notes.

bullet journal weekly log

After that is done, I flip back to last week’s log and daily sections to look for anything that didn’t get completed. I decide if these items should be migrated and move them to the new weekly log.

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve added a small tracker to the bottom left to note when I went to bed and how much water I’ve had to drink each day. The space in the bottom right normally gets used as a menu (dinner) list for the week–more for tracking than planning ahead.

The photo below also shows the pens I used to set this page up–Sharpie Pen in black and my Lamy Safari I mentioned in my last post. Today it’s loaded with Diamine Amaranth, which didn’t look this deep before today. Crazy inks.

bullet journal weekly log2

This past week saw the addition of a progress tracker for something I started. The progress tracker idea came from Blue Paper Trail. I’m going to leave you hanging on what it’s being used for. 😉

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Plan With Me #3

Since the new month starts on Monday(!), I’ve started setting it up in my bullet journal. I’ve pretty much ditched doing all my layouts for the entire month, which really cuts down on the amount of time spent setting up.

I start with the monthly log, which I divide into two columns (one work, one personal). I also split off the weeks just to make it easier to find my place when writing things down–this worked well in January, so I’m keeping it the same.. I went ahead and filled in mine and Andrew’s paydays and (after the photo was taken) next week’s work schedules and the dates of a trip he’s going on.


I didn’t add a habit tracker yet. I’m debating if I’m going to, and also what I want to track in February. (In January I’ve only tracked my morning and evening routines, and seeing how poorly my evening routine was implemented has been disheartening.)

As I mentioned in this post, I wanted to try out a new printable for my week schedule. I’ve started filling in one for next week, combining it with this weekly log that Kim from Tiny Ray of Sunshine shared.


And that’s it! A simpler way of laying things out worked well for me in January, so I’m just streamlining in February.

Let me know what you think in the comments!

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Overwhelm Followup

My plan for last Wednesday worked and got me through the day with much less anxiety than if I hadn’t made any kind of plan. Here’s what it ended up looking like in my bullet journal:


Since I didn’t have any appointments for the day, I made a list of things I did to take care of myself.

I got my must do’s accomplished, and migrated my should do’s.

My dailies are tracked on the other side of the spread, but I did better than the earlier part of the week.

Plan With Me #2

I’ve changed up my layout for this month (about 4-5 times at this point…). Here is how I’m planning a new week now.

I decided that the weekly view is useful to me, so I start by drawing out my week layout. I’m leaving 5 spaces for appointments/day specific things and meal planning. (I’ve adjusted this a couple of ways the last two weeks, so this is one more trial.)


Next I add in dates and fill in the day boxes (referring to my month log and future log).


Once that’s done, I write in my list of books I’m currently (or will be soon) reading and start migrating tasks from last week to the bottom part of the left-hand page. The remaining space of the right-hand page I’ve decided to use for knitting projects, my movies-to-watch short list, a cleaning tracker for the week, and a self-care tracker. (Having everything everything in one list was just too much.)


I’ve been using a different color pen to fill in each day’s completed tasks, that I pick randomly on the day. I write down additional tasks in black, so now I only need to carry one pen. I’m hoping I can get this sort of weekly layout modified to work for me.

Plan With Me #1

See how I plan for the week…

I’ve already drawn out my spreads for this month including dates, so all I have to do is fill in the specifics. Appointments and other known events/”must dos” get filled into the day spaces on the left.


Next I write in my household chores and any tasks I want to get done for the week. If I have anything that didn’t get done the week before, I highlight it and put it at the top of the list (anything with stars beside it has gotten skipped more than once). I also star any non-chore tasks that were migrated from the previous week, and highlight any that are high priority.


I use the page divided up for each day as extra space for notes, or sometimes as a journal of sorts (like a daily log). If the mood strikes me, I’ll doodle in the space I don’t use. (Those spaces get left blank for now.)


That’s all there is to it. Of course I’m still experimenting, so all of the above is subject to change.

Thanks for reading!