January #Planwithmechallenge Day 5

Day 5: layouts and inserts

I mentioned in my Instagram post for this day of the challenge that I’m testing a few weekly layouts. I’ve done weekly layouts before (more than once) and last month I decided to forego them, but I found I missed that space for a bit more in-depth planning. The problem now is figuring out exactly which layout works best.

(See a collage of what I’ve tried at the bottom of the post.)

  • I feel like a week on two pages often goes underutilized, and space gets wasted. I’ve tried 2-3 different ways of splitting up a whole spread and none were “right” for every week.
  • In December, I tried putting two weeks on one page and ran out of room many days. Then I had to flip back and forth to my overflow “day” pages. Still it was an interesting experiment.
  • This past week I had the week on one page, but the facing page had already been filled with daily notes from earlier–meaning more page flipping. I was closer to the “sweet spot”, but obviously I need to leave more space between weeks.
  • The upcoming week’s page is similar to one I’ve tried before, with all the days down the left half. Since I drew it in ahead of time, I’ll have to deal with the page flipping again, but I’m willing to push through to see if this works better this time.
  • The other day Planner Fun and Giftie Etcetera teamed up with a new insert printable that I’m kind of excited to try. Since I’m already printing my own dot grid pages, it wasn’t a big deal to print these on one side to try out. They will have to wait another week to be used though.

Do you have a favorite weekly layout or insert? Let me know in the comments!

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November #Planwithmechallenge Day 28

Day 28: ideas for December

I want to go back to tracking my daily self care habits and more detail of my cleaning routine. I’ve found that having these things separated out from the rest of my task list works better for me. I’m going back to having the whole month of tracking together though.

As I showed in my last post, I’m adding specific project tracking in my Arc.

I’m also dividing off a “notes” section for collections that aren’t referenced too often.

There may be another major change on the horizon–discontinuing my pre-drawn weekly spread. Once again I thought I had the month all figured out and another idea came along. This time it came from a discussion on migrating in the Bullet Journal Junkies Facebook group. It’s making me consider going way back to the basics of building on a task list daily. I tried this in the beginning of October, so I flipped back to those pages to find out why it didn’t work. The two spreads I tried this on before switching to a pre-drawn weekly spread made it pretty obvious.

I didn’t have use of the entire spread for my list, which made flipping back and forth necessary. If I hadn’t tried to use those spreads for other things at the same time, it might have worked. I didn’t quite see that as the problem in October.

Going back to the one list–and migrating only when I’ve filled a spread–is definitely worth considering. From the official videos, I always thought that migration was done daily, but thanks to the wonderful planner community I see that may have been my (mis)interpretation.

November #Planwithmechallenge Day 22

Day 22 of the #planwithmechallenge was Projects. I haven’t done much project planning in my Markings journal, but I wanted to show my projects section that I have set up to start using in my Arc notebook.

Before I start, I want to say that this idea for organizing projects is not my creation. All the credit goes to Kristy at Giftie Etcetera. This is merely my interpretation.

I thought this quote was appropriate for my projects section. (Divider can be found here, under A5 blue divider.)


Anyway, right behind my divider is the projects index, set up in the same fashion as Kristy/Giftie Etcetera’s in the post linked above. As she mentions in her post, this index can be updated/replaced as needed. (This section is where about half of my million page flags stick out!)


Among my projects are:
– a “shortlist” of tv shows I’m watching and movies I want to watch soon-ish
– a 1-year saving challenge printable (found here)
– food lists for the 17 Day Diet (can be obtained here; I may need these in between holidays)
– a list of blog post ideas (which might be obsolete now)
– a space for “mindless and easy” tasks, inspired by Kim at Tiny Ray of Sunshine
– a “waiting on” list, also inspired by Kim
– a knitting project tracker
– a credit card payoff tracker
– a checklist for doing a KonMari challenge (yes, I read that book too; finally finished it, actually)
– a bill tracking sheet for the year
– a “random crafts/DIY” projects tracker
– a reading tracker
– a “personal maintenance” tracker (for things like trimming/coloring my hair, taking a bubble bath, giving myself a pedicure–little self care things)

I’m using the pages for knitting, KonMari, DIY, reading, and personal maintenance all with a weekly tracking format. I can mark off when I’ve worked on what, and have an idea of how often I’ve been working on one of these projects or tasks. (In the case of “personal maintenance”, I can make sure I’m doing at least one thing for myself every week. I’ve already started using a couple of them, so I’m hoping to be more accountable to myself on these things. Especially in the case of knitting, I’ve been letting projects just slide and go on forever instead of finishing them or making noticeable progress.

I currently have 3 “active” knitting projects: a Doctor Who-themed scarf for Andrew (long overdue), a pair of socks for my mom (owed from last Christmas–yikes!), and a sock yarn leftovers blanket (for me, to be done as I have time and leftover yarn). I’ve divided each into manageable sections that I can use to mark progress. The “X” means I didn’t work on that in the particular week, “/” means I worked on it but didn’t finish, and “shading” means that I finished it.


This is how I’m planning to handle projects for the time being. It’s a new process for me, so it might need tweaking as I go. I’ll post an update with whether it works or doesn’t.

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November #Planwithmechallenge Day 17

The prompt for Day 17 of the #planwithmechallenge was “One or many?”.

In my earlier post about the challenge, I talked about the notebooks I was using. Since that post, things have changed. I got a bit overwhelmed and decided to drop the page per day challenge altogether. I’m not saying I won’t go back, but I had to reduce my journaling to the minimum.

Minimum for me is the one bullet journal notebook–still the Markings through the end of the month. (My Moleskine gets used sporadically, and only for knitting.) In the meantime, I’ve been getting my Arc all ready for December.

Pens on the other hand… I can’t seem to get down to just one. I like the Sharpie Pens for some things, but sometimes I want a finer/lighter line. I’ve been using the Acroball multi pen I ordered from Jet Pens and I like it–much better than the Inkjoy ones I had been using. When my willpower runs out I need more pens, I may order some other colors of the Acroball.

I can’t do with just one highlighter color either. I’ve actually been color coding ever so slightly with my dual color one, using one color for tasks migrated to a day, and the other for tasks I just complete without migrating. The incomplete tasks stand out against the highlighted ones. This has been working well for me the past couple of weeks, so I’m going to keep it up.

For me, the answer is one and many–one notebook to rule them all (couldn’t help myself there…), and many pens and highlighters to interchange for the situation and my mood.

November #Planwithmechallenge Day 3

I decided to expand upon Day 3 of the #planwithmechallenge, and (finally remember to) include all the notebooks I’m currently using. I tend to just say I use my bullet journal for everything and leave it at that. That’s true, but I don’t actually use it for everything everything.


First, obviously, is my bullet journal. I’ve talked about it before, and it’s something I’m still experimenting with to get just right. This is where the bulk of my planning and “collecting” takes place.

Next is my Arc discbound notebook, which I thought I would have moved into by now, but I had just enough space in the bound one to fit November. This one will house a more modified bullet journal once I’m ready to completely move into it. Since I can move pages around I’ve decided to section it off ahead of time to stay a bit more organized. I’m going to split off a Projects section and a Notes section as is described here by Giftie Etcetera. (I’ve already started copying some of my larger collections over here.) This month, I did sketch out my budget in this notebook, but only because I wasn’t sure how much space I’d end up needing.

The third notebook is a journal I couldn’t resist purchasing at A.C. Moore recently. At first I wasn’t sure what to use it for, but between the previous #planwithmechallenges and the page per day challenge on the Quo Vadis blog, I decided to use it as a combination gratitude journal/doodle space/handwriting practice book. I didn’t wait until the beginning of the year to start, and promptly fell behind (on day 5). I do plan to get back to it, I’ll just have to fill in those missing days with some handwriting practice or doodles.

Last and certainly not least, is the actual Moleskine I received as a Random Act of Kindness gift that I use for knitting. It’s part notes, part written out patterns, and not even remotely filled. I swiped the Bullet Journal indexing style a few months ago, going back to number pages and fill in what patterns are where. It’s not one I use a lot, but it can come in handy when I don’t want to print a pattern or look at it on a screen.

I also use a junior size memo pad at work to take notes when I answer the phone and whatnot. (This one isn’t pictured.)

Finally, I got them all in! 😀